Welcome to the website of Tsubamesawa church (former seaside bible church) !
When the earthquake on March 11, 2011 occurred, Tsubamesawa church (the name was seaside bible chapel at the time) was located near the seashore and because of it, the church had a direct hit from the tsunami induced by the earthquake.

Since April in the following year, we have continued church activities at a former cafeteria we have rented.

Many churches, organizations and individuals both within and outside japan have greatly supported us since the earthquake, and we have finally obtained land for our new church in Feb 2014 and the church was completed in Feb 2016.

After we moved to our new location, the name of our church was converted to Tsubamesawa church from seaside bible church which has been our church name since the earthquake.

The north side of our church, being separated by a street, is a large residential area and there is a small mountain on the south side of the church. In spring, we can hear bush warblers singing. In winter, we might miss more sunlight because of the mountain, but in summer, we have a cozy weather. Overall, we are blessed in a good environment.

In a sense, church is a place to rest (Matthew 11.28), a house of prayer (Isaiah 56.7), a body of Christ (Ephesian 1.11) and a gate to the heavens (John 10. 9). Church is a place not only for Christian but also for everyone.

Please join us at worship service from 10:30 am every Sunday. Other than the worship service, we have several gatherings for a wide variety of people.

For the details, please check our website or feel free to contact us by phone or email.

10-68 Tsubamesawa, Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken 983-0823 Japan

Phone: +8122-762-9229